Sugar Freedom Collective

 Put an end to sugar cravings, emotional eating, and the war against your body so you can finally feel at peace with food and yourself once and for all!


Tired of feeling alone and disconnected on your journey to sugar freedom?


Ready to discover how incredible it feels to be FREE from sugar cravings and guilty eating?

Done with the yo-yo dieting rollercoaster and ready to kick your emotional eating habit?

Or maybe you're finally ready to feel alive and empowered in your body?

You're in the right place!

Our community is a safe and supportive space for women just like you to come together support one another on the bumpy road to sugar freedom! Getting through sugar addiction is one of the hardest (and most life-changing) things we can do. Being supported in a community is VITAL for our lasting success. And that's exactly what the Sugar Freedom Collective is all about!

Tired of struggling on your own only to constantly slip back into old patterns and habits?

Look no further! Our community is loaded with resources, support, accountability, motivation, fun, and everything else you need to get back in control of your relationship with sugar FOR GOOD... at a fraction of the cost of my programs!

Say goodbye to "diets" and hello to your new empowered self!

(pssst. You don't even have to give up sugar to join and start seeing results right away!)

Our community is for you if:


🥑 You struggle with sugar cravings and low energy every day 

🥑 You're craving the support and guidance to continue doing the inner work that you've started

🥑 You're not quite ready to invest in a coach and want to test things out on your own with some support

🥑 You’re ready to stop yo-yo dieting and want to lose weight in a healthy way

🥑 You want to kick emotional eating for good

If you resonate with ANY of these, you're in the right place!


Amy, SFC Member

"Sugar controlled me and was something I consumed for everything- every celebration, to fill emotional voids and all the spaces in between. I noticed a huge difference in my energy, cravings and even the way my body looked after just a week going sugar-free! I am now in month 4 of being sugar-free and it’s become SO easy and my body is thriving! I’m excited to continue my journey with this group and have their support. "



What's included in your membership?



A supportive community of women all on the journey to sugar freedom & better health.


Learn to trust yourself again when it comes to food while learning to connect with your inner wisdom.


As you continue your journey to Sugar Freedom you'll step into your most powerful true self!


  • A supportive and safe community of like-minded women
  • Monthly LIVE events (group coaching, workshops, expert interviews, ceremonies, fun events....)
  • Monthly training video + workbook to support your inner healing with food
  • Sugar Freedom Roadmap to help you get clear on your next steps
  • Exclusive PRIVATE community [not on Facebook]
  • Access to the HUGE library of sugar-free whole foods recipes
  • Fun member-only challenges and workshops
  • Done-for-you meal plans & shopping lists
  • Guided reflections + journals to help you dive deep.
  • Exclusive member-only discounts
  • Library of templates, tips, resources, videos, downloads + more...    

I'm Dani. 

As a Sugar Freedom Expert, Breathwork Facilitator + Somatic Embodiment Coach, I am passionate about helping women reshape their relationships with sugar (and themselves) once and for all! Having gone through sugar addiction myself, I know how difficult and lonely the journey can be. That’s why I created the Sugar Freedom Collective to support women along the journey inward in a safe and supportive way.

I help my clients rid themselves of sugar cravings, breakthrough sugar addiction, step fully into their power and learn to love their true authentic selves!

Let’s do this!